Shaolin White Crane Kung Fu (soft cover)

Shaolin White Crane Kung Fu (soft cover)


Shaolin White Crane Kung Fu (soft cover)


This is the soft cover version of this work on the rare Fukienese White Crane system. It is a practical book filled with information, pictures and truths about Kung Fu. The book includes chapters on: history, theory, essential basic moves, basic form, two person sets, many applications and weapons. Fujian (Fukien) White Crane is considered by many to have exercised a profound influence upon modern Karate systems. The Flying Crane system represented in this work is one of the rarest today as it was mainly reserved for members of a certain family. It is a powerful, deceptive art with great emphasis upon hand techniques. Also available in hard cover (BE801H).

This work is written by Shifu Lorne Bernard one of north-Amercica's foremost experts on Fujian white crane kung fu and is considered the reference work on the flying crane branch.


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