Sparring Headgear

Sparring Headgear


Sparring Headgear


When it comes to top of the line protection, we got you covered. This sparring helmet is made of tough cowhide leather and is filled with thick and absorbant foam layers so you can fight with no restrictions.

The adjustable back padding makes it easy for the fighter to put on and off the helmet without having to fight every strap before entering the actual fight. By making the padding of the Kontact Sparring helmet really thick, it does not allow any glove to get throught it, protecting your nose, eyes and cheek bones. Globally, it will protect your face just in case your hands are a bit too low.

Great protection in a streamlined and low profile design, this helmet has everything you need without the gimmics and superfluous addons of the competition. Simple and straight to the point.


  • Top quality cowhide leather
  • 'No Bloat' concept creates a low overall weight
  • Top adjustment makes a perfect fit
  • Adjustable back padding
  • Chin and lower jaw protection
  • Thick padding helps protect the lower orbital (cheek bone).
  • 4 inch rear fold-over closure for quick on-an-off, because you don't have time to play with 8 straps when it's time to throw down.

Another fine example of Kontact Sports: Expertise by experience


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