Uniforme de karate noir

Uniforme de karate noir


Uniforme de karate noir


Uniforme de Karate noir de qualité 6.5 oz en poly-coton 65-35. Le pantalon à une bande élastique ainsi qu´un cordon à la taille.

Ceinture blanche inclue.

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I just received my uniform in the mail and I absolutely love it. Fits perfect and looks great, beautiful texture and durability of the fabric. Your service certainly gets 5 gold stars for quick delivery. Thank you so much!


if i buy 2 now (december 17th) will i recive them before Christmas? thanks

i'm in montreal (Mascouche)

Kontact Sports

All the orders we receive are shipped within 2-3 days from our store. After that is in Canada Post's hands.

We're very confident you should be fine for Christmas.



How many ounzes would you say this uniform has?

Kontact Sports


this uniform weights 6.5 oz!