KOntact Sports
Kontact Sports is a leading martial arts, boxing and MMA equipment distributor in Canada. The martial arts products manufactured by Kontact Sports include a complete line of uniforms, shoes, protective and training equipment. In addition, we offer other brands such as Fairtex, Asics, Hayabusa, Tozando, Toryumon, Minosaka, Hanwei and Dragon King. We also offer an unparalleled variety of weapons.All prices are in Canadian dollars.

In 1993, Kontact Sports began to equip martial arts schools with hard-to-find products. As the growth was phenomenal, it was decided to offer products and services to the entire martial community.

Our goal is to exceed the expectations of our customers. We achieved that thanks to our improvement program and through your comments and suggestions. We buy at the best possible price to sell at the lowest price.

Kontact Sports is a company that belongs to martial artists like you. All of our employees have extensive experience in various types of combat arts.

This allows us to better understand your needs in terms of equipment. We manufacture, import and distribute a wide variety of products. We check the style and quality of all our products to offer above-average performance for all goods that have our name Kontact Sports. We continue to grow thanks to satisfied customers. Thank you for your attention and good martial practice!

The owner: Lorne Bernard

Lorne Bernard is a Canadian famous for his expertise in Chinese martial arts. He had the opportunity to train in various martial disciplines.

His love of all martial arts led him to develop a close friendship with many adepts of martial arts.

This has pushed him to want to participate in the distribution of martial arts products. Kontact Sports is today an important distribution center for products related to martial arts in North America.