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Authentic White Crane Kung Fu

Authentic White Crane Kung Fu
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Authentic White Crane Kung Fu
Reference : BE7817

This book delves into the lineage and history of Fujian Flying Crane Kung Fu, which is one of the original branches of White Crane Kung Fu. It is also a record of the modern grandmaster’s life and includes several fascinating stories about the latter. The work also offers deep insights into this rare family art. This is done by sharing precious information relating to traditional and formerly secret “formulas and verses”, breathing and internal cultivation methods, fighting theories, technique usage and of course real world combat applications.

Chapters on Flying Crane’s two-person sets, pushing hands, combat applications as well as the never before published form “Twin Dragons Come Out of the Sea” provide new instruction not found in other books. The famed “Seven Star” Staff is also examined as are its combat applications and theories.

This impressive book is rounded out by a series of chapters on what makes a Chinese martial art authentic, traditional titles and regulations, and outlines the worldwide promotion and development of Zhao ‘an County White Crane Fist.

This work is a both a historical record and a further elaboration of the Flying Crane style of Kung Fu. It is unique in that it openly shares deep insights from a true martial arts grandmaster and represents his final contribution to the martial arts world.


LEE, Joo-Chian
Grandmaster Lee Joo-Chian, is the fourth generation inheritor of the Fujian Flying Crane style. His family lineage leads back to White Crane Fist founder Fang Chi-Chiang. Son of famed Flying Crane Grandmaster Lee Kiang-Kay, Lee Joo-Chian began practicing White Crane Fist diligently under the strict guidance of his father, from the age of seven. He carried on teaching martial arts and practicing traditional Chinese medicine his entire life. His efforts and generosity ensured that the Flying Crane style would endure and even take root outside of its native land.

Master Lorne Bernard is a closed door disciple of Grandmaster Lee Joo-Chian, an official heir of the Flying Crane branch tradition and an internationally renowned White Crane Kung Fu expert. He is the representative of the Flying Crane style internationally and is in charge of the style’s propagation.
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