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Savior Katana

Savior Katana
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Savior Katana
Reference : SW35250
Adorned after magnificent kami spirits, the Savior Katana is the epitome of the guardian. Crafted with some strong modern materials, this incredible sword features the exclusive style and efficiency of traditional Japanese weaponry. The blade of this amazing sword has been hand forged from T10 steel, polished with traditional methods for an authentic look. The finish provided on the blade provides function with a unique style no one can match! Paired with the sleek blade is a ray skin tsuka, or handle, wrapped in black cotton for an elegant silhouette. A silver sword ornament sits just beneath the cotton, adding a touch of refinement, and matches the silver adornments of the kami-inspired tsuba, fuchi, and kashira. A beautiful lacquered saya, or scabbard, fit for this individual blade is included, featuring a buffalo horn knob and endcap. Ideal for display or use, the Savior Katana is one piece every sword master needs!

T10 is the Chinese equivalent of 1095, but it has silicon added as an alloying element to improve the steels strength and wear resistance properties. T10 blades are able to be tempered to a high hardness and hold an edge well. Similar to 1095, rust resistance is low, and T10 blades must be carefully maintained.

Please keep in mind that this sword has been hand-forged, varying slightly in finish and overall measurements.

Key Features:

Embodies the powerful kami spirits
Hand crafted from sturdy materials
Incredible construction in traditional style
Black wrapped, ray skin handle featuring silver sword ornament
Fuchi, kashira, and tsuba feature guardian spirit motif
Comes with lacquered scabbard adorned with buffalo horn knob and cap
Excellent piece for sword enthusiasts


Blade is crafted from T10 steel
Handle constructed from ray skin
Handle wrapped in cotton
Adornments crafted from silver
Saya carved from wood
Knob and endcap crafted from buffalo horn


Overall Length: 43 Inches
Blade Length: 29.5 Inches
Handle Length: 12.25 Inches
Weight: 2 lbs. 11 oz.
Sori: 1.125 Inch

Specs may vary slightly from piece to piece.
2021-12-31 1249.99CA$ 1249.99
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